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Omni-Channel Retail Solutions

Ready-made mobile apps on both Android and iOS & online store for retail. From two weeks of integration: you’ll have your mobile App published in Google Play & Apple Stores and online store - fully customized and aligned with your brand identity style.

Call us at +49 (0)1523 476 58 93 and order a presentation in your office. You’ll get detailed information about the customizable mobile app and online store as omni-channel solutions with our unique features.

Customer’s smartphone and PC as a powerful marketing tool for retail.

We offer a SaaS solution „Mobile apps and online store“ for all kinds of retail chains. You get mobile apps for Android and iOS integrated with online store for your business in the shortest possible time.

Example of the app for retail

The solution operates with the full store assortment, making it possible for the customer to:

  • get push-notifications about your new offers, promo and sales;
  • always have an easy access to the up-to-date information about your product assortment prices and even the availability of goods;
  • easily search for products by keywords or barcode scanning;
  • create a shopping list with prices and availability from chosen store;
  • quick and easy purchase and order delivery of the goods using the app or online store;
  • the shopping list in the app synchronized with online store
The app and online store operate with the full store assortment

Our solution is the right choice for the following types of retail stores:

  • Grocery stores;
  • Household stores;
  • Mixed supermarkets and hypermarkets;
  • Pharmacies;
  • Alcohol shops and boutiques;
  • Convenience stores and other types.

In today’s world retailers need to consider and develop the strategy of omni-channel retailing. The solution we offer is an integral part of this strategy. Read more

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What are the store chain benefits from integration?

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Мобильные приложения - прямой канал до покупателя

Direct channel to the customers through their smartphones and PC:

  • Advertising of your brand in the customer’s smartphone;
  • Push-notifications about your new offers and discounts. Personalized promo offers;
  • The app and online store integrated on the single platform;
  • Access to the routs of the customers, statistics, big data;
  • New marketing tool with unlimited opportunities.
Профессиональное решение для ритейла

SaaS solution for omni-channel retail chain – Branded mobile apps and online store:

  • Development and support of the service by a highly professional team;
  • High ratings of the app based on great user experience;
  • Cost-effective solution: the price is considerably lower than to develop your own solutions;
  • Apps published in a few weeks;
  • Easy integration with your company IT-infrastructure;
  • Scale up solution to various languages and countries;
  • Perfect balance of interests between customers and a retailer, largely due to creating a simple tool for the customer and a perfect marketing tool for the retailer.

If you’re an internationally based company, we can customize and integrate your both mobile app and online store for all the countries where you are present, taking into account the localization of product assortment into other languages.

Our Offer

Our business model makes it possible for the retailer to get a ready SaaS solution on a subscription basis. It’s more cost-effective than a classical scheme of developing software.

Integration of the mobile app with your existing IT-system will take minimum efforts and costs on your side. You don’t have to purchase a costly software and hardware platforms, no need to maintain its efficiency.

Initialization of the app
and online store:

from ‎€0.*

Subscription fee:

from ‎€0.12 per an install.*

* The price depends on the functionality of the app, size of the product assortment, number of users and possible unique adjustments based on your requirements (loyalty programs integration, customers’ detailed receipts, etc.).

Got interested? Please feel free to contact us, we’ll offer the most suitable and profitable type of partnership.

Call us: +49 (0)1523 476 58 93
Write to us: project@ocretail.com

In your enquiry please tell us about your business needs: the name of your company, the number of retail stores and the region of your operations, what types of goods you offer, if an online store is available, an approximate number of unique users, need to publish new offers and sales products, integration with your loyalty program.


Example of the app for retail

Using our SaaS solution we published “Fridge and Shopping” free app for customers (Google Play). This app is a shopping list and fridge organizer. It helps every family member while they do grocery shopping:

* shopping list allows to plan purchases
* fridge organizer makes it possible to keep an eye on how much of a favorite product is left

Feel free to ask us about the best solution for your business, your marketing tool will be balanced with customer's needs! Call us: +49 (0)1523 476 58 93 or write to us: project@ocretail.com

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